Delta Gamma Pay Your Per Capita Dues

Alumnae Dues

Find out more about Delta Gamma Fraternity per capita dues and your local alumnae dues by reading below.

Per Capita Dues

Delta Gamma per capita dues are required for your first 50 years of membership. Alumnae per capita dues for the 2022-2023 year are $37. These dues support Fraternity initiatives, new and existing programming efforts, the publication of our award winning ANCHORA, extension and recruitment efforts to establish new chapters on college campuses, visits to our collegiate chapters from Fraternity visitors and Collegiate Development Consultants (CDCs), and so much more.

You can pay your alumnae per capita dues in one of three easy ways below:

·        Click here to pay your per capita dues only through our secure form

·        Click here to login to the Delta Gamma website if you would like to pay your per capita dues, local dues and/or make a donation to the Delta Gamma Foundation all at once. Once you are logged in, you will click on your email address at the top of the page, select “Pay Alumnae Per Capita & Local Dues” from the dropdown menu and be redirected to your personalized payment link.

·         Send a check for $37 made out to Delta Gamma Fraternity to Executive Offices (3250 Riverside Drive, Columbus OH 43221)

Loyally Anchored

Delta Gamma is excited to announce Loyally Anchored, Delta Gamma's new lifetime dues program. This option is designed for members who would like to fulfill their alumnae dues obligation to the Fraternity in a larger, one-time amount as opposed to through annual per capita dues. There are different payment levels, options and payment plans. Learn more here: 

Local Dues

Local alumnae dues vary by chapter and support our alumnae group and our local activities. Your local group dues may be paid securely by visiting and logging in to your profile (if your group has established online payments) or by submitting a check to your local alumnae group.

Cleveland West Shore Local Dues

Thank you to the 36 sisters who have paid their local dues so far this year:

Kathy Arneson, Vicki Barone, Mitzi Bugie, Linda Cook, Joyce Cotton, Susan Elder, Verna Ferrante, Joanne Gerhart, Marge Gorsline, Margret Guerrieri, Nancy Gustafson, Linda Hardman, Beth Hauck, Barb Heideman, Helene Hunger, Jodee Hunger, Barb Houston, Sue Kelly, Jennifer Kubala, Kaitlyn Lionti, Molly Mack, Kim McLaren, Kelley Meyer, Pam Moritz, Laura Olson, Allison Rapp, Justeen Roath, Amy Rocco, Darla Schaller, Cindy Sears, Carrie Sowden, Marjorie Strimbu, Mary Tookman, Jennifer Tysl, Lynda Wakefield, and Bobbie Werner. Your generosity and commitment to our group is very much appreciated! Especially in this unprecedented time, it is heartening to see the support for our Fraternity. Delta Gamma is always here for us, and we should be very proud of how our chapter has adapted to “remote life!”

Our local dues amount will remain at $30 for the 2020-2021 fiscal year. We hope you will again show your generosity and support for our alumnae chapter, as well as your attendance and participation at our many meetings and events whether virtual or in person. In addition, voluntary Helpful Hannah donations are welcome as they assist with Founders Day, communications, and other miscellaneous expenses.

You can pay local dues (and make a voluntary Helpful Hannah donation) in one of two ways:

1) Write a check, made payable to West Shore Delta Gamma, and mail it directly to:
Beth Hauck; 362 Northcliff Drive, Rocky River, OH 44116;  OR

2) Click the HERE to make a payment directly through MemberPlanet.

Thank you for your generosity and support of our Cleveland West Shore Delta Gamma Alumnae chapter for the 2020-2021 year.


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